A single streamlined clinical communication platform for your Integrated Care System that saves time, reduces costs and enhances clinical delivery.

A Medindex platform showing information for clinicians
Clinician view
A Medindex platform showing information for patients and carers
Patient and carer view

Medindex is a digital platform which enables clinicians to quickly access information on clinical guidance, pathways and services within a 10 minute patient consultation.

Medindex provides one scalable web-based platform that links multiple NHS community healthcare resources. It has been designed specifically for Integrated Care Systems (ICS), to enhance the provision and dissemination of healthcare information and to support the clinical workforce at the point of care. Medindex can be customised to the requirements of any ICS in England.

Key Features

  • A clinically designed interface for healthcare workers to use in clinic
  • Information tailored to requirements of place based partnerships
  • A content management system designed for collaboration and reduced editorial workload
  • Designed to scale and expand to maintain usability as clinical content expands
  • Option to include patient facing content to support population health and self-management

Current Platforms